Steve Roper

Strategy. Implementation. Evolution.

For over forty years I have been fortunate enough to create work for a wide variety of clients globally. Starting as a cartoonist with lots of ambition followed by the good fortune of becoming an award winning Creative Director and Marketer, I'd like to thank my teachers from Dawson College and Concordia University. I'd also like to thank all the clients who placed their faith in me over the years and the talented Copywriters, Illustrators, Photographers, Printers and Programmers with whom I have been fortunate enough to work with. This website now serves as a look back at my career.

We are now focused on growing The Great Cider Company.

  • The Great Cider Company

    In early 2015, I was hired to create and launch a Cider Company. This was no small project. I had never tasted Cider before and in the
    first year, attended conferences and cider making courses, sourced organic apple growers, hired a cider maker and a variety of
    different production facilities, researched and wrote a marketing and business plan and am in the process of launching the company.

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  • Collingwood, Ontario

    Collingwood was incorporated as a town in 1858, nine years before Confederation. It became our
    new home in 2013 and happily, we were hired to help with developing a business development
    website and help with  branding of the town. We think we’ve done a very good job.

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  • The Institute of Georgian Bay

    When we first arrived in Collingwood, I spoke publicly on several occasions on the importance to
    promote the area and work to attract entrepreneurial spirits to the area. I described the concept as
    an incubator and now almost three years later that visions is about to come to life.

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  • Charis Developments

    Charis Developments Ltd. was established in 1983 and is currently Collingwood’s premier private
    developer. We were pleased when they approached us to work with them on re-developing and
    managing their website. They have created many of Collingwood’s landmarks.

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  • Victoria Swim Lab

    Victoria Swim Lab is dedicated to teaching swimming techniques to students of all ages with a focus on fine-tuning
    stroke techniques for triathletes and our Olympic Team in Victoria, BC. As a lifelong swimmer and past national
    lifeguard, the concept of this type of school appealed to me and I love the branding we developed.

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  • Sound Sleep Consulting

    Hali is a long time friend and I was pleased when she asked me to help her create her online
    presence for her new Sleep consulting business. Sound Sleep provides solutions and support for
    moms to be, infants and toddlers experiencing sleep issues. Again, I love this branding.

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  • Janneman Conradie

    Conservationist, Scuba Diver, Photographer, Pilot and Expedition Leader, Janneman Conradie
    asked me to help build his website and the results showcase his skills well. As Director of
    Conservation for the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Janneman is an influential guy.

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  • Collingwood Wonderland

    Collingwood is an outdoor joy in the winter. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountain Ski Resort,
    Collingwood’s charming downtown adds the perfect mix of restaurants and shopping to the endless
    snowshoeing trails found surrounding the town. Our Wonderland branding reflects that charm.

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  • The Queen of Mantas

    Dr. Andrea Marshall is The Queen of the Mantas. Andrea is headquartered in Mozambique and
    spearheads the conservation efforts of the Manta Ray along this remote coastline. She is also the
    Director of the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

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  • Craigdarroch Castle

    When we began work with Craigdarroch Castle in 2008, their website received fewer than 40,000
    visits annually. Over a period of seven years, we diligently fine-tuned the website and branding. In
    2014, visitation exceeded 400,000 visitors. An amazing business and branding success.

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  • King Brothers Limited

    King Bros. Limited is a group of dedicated experienced personnel, ready to find practical solutions
    to your importing and exporting needs and have been in Victoria for over 100 years. Our website
    helped bring them into the 21st century and includes an online tracking system.

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  • Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary

    Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a wild oasis in the heart of the urban landscape and includes two distinct ecosystems: the beautiful marshland of Swan Lake and the rocky, oak-forested highlands of Christmas Hill. Both are home to an incredible array of native plants and wild animals. The Sanctuary is a living classroom fostering an understanding and appreciation of nature through direct experiences. Educational programs for all ages encourage responsibility for the care and protection of the natural environment.
    I am very pleased to have re-branded the Sanctuary, built their website and sat on their Board of Directors.

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  • Liszten Consulting

    Liszten Consulting provides marketing consulting services, design expertise and project management. Tom works with
    a variety of clients and industries, from small start-up operations who are seeking to create an identity, to
    established medium sized businesses wishing to develop marketing materials and growth within their markets.

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  • Marine Megafauna Foundation

    The Marine Megafauna Foundation was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the
    large populations of marine megafauna found along the Mozambican coastline. Our mobile
    compliant website helped them achieve a worldwide reach and reflected their identity professionally.

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  • Two if by Sea

    Two if by Sea are not only very good friends, but kindred spirits in that we both share a love of
    sailing and diving so when we began working with them, the branding was fairly simple. Create the
    best website we could to showcase their unique sailing and diving experience.

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  • View Master Optics

    These are NOT your everyday binoculars. These babies are special. From the comforts of your
    own home to out in the field,View Master Optics observation binoculars allow you unparalleled
    closeness to nature. It’s best you try them yourselves or watch the videos on the website. Trust me.

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  • Choquette Law Group

    We undertook this massive project for the Choquette Law Group of Seattle. The design of the site
    took almost four years to create and write and was launched as a completely responsive CMS built
    website with multiple landing pages and an E-newsletter.

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  • Angel Accessibility Solutions

    Our goals and mandate with Angel Solutions was to design them a superior branded  website with
    lead generation tactics for their accessibility solutions. Over the five year period we conceptualized
    and managed their website, visitation increased by over 1,000%.

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  • Econics

    Econics are water sustainability specialists. They work with provincial governments, local
    governments, utilities, and other organizations and specialize in water governance, community
    engagement and source protection. We were pleased to develop their responsive website.

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  • Raw Eco Jewellery

    RAW is a traveling curio shop of handmade bohemian style jewellery. This is a perfect example of my taking a company and growing
    it from something that was a bit of a dream to an actual business by nurturing the business along, properly and carefully
    branding it, marketing it and teaching a difficult recipient that she needed to listen to what I was trying to teach.

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  • Ogden Point

    The Ogden Point Enhancement Society was established in 1996 to beautify the Ogden Point
    Terminal and create public space. I sat on the board of directors and developed their brand identity,
    website and a walking application of Victoria.

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  • Partymart

    The goal at PartyMart.Com was to provide the customer with the tools necessary to throw a great party. They make every
    effort to ensure that your party planning experience is every bit as fun and exciting as it is meant to be.
    We were asked to develop the brand right from the start and this is one of our favourite Brand Identities.

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  • Doctors Without Borders

    Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care. We were responsible for the concept and creative of their fundraising for a one year period.

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  • Ocean’s Edge, Belize

    The fellow was sitting at a bar in southern Belize in a small village named Placencia. He had local drawings of properties for sale
    out on the counter and was having a beer. I asked if he had anything for sale in a certain price range right on the water and
    he said, ‘Yup’. Next day, we drove up to view the property. It was a jungle, literally.

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  • Port Angeles Tourism

    The Port Angeles Department of Tourism asked for a campaign to help draw visitors to the Port Angeles and surrounding area.
    We coined the tagline ‘You Can See it From Here’ and created a campaign which encouraged visitors to stay in the area
    for more than a day trip and over the past ten years, it has worked wonders.

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  • The Chrysler PT Cruiser

    Being asked to launch a brand new product, let alone a disruptive product like what the PT Cruiser
    was in 1999, was the opportunity of my career. The overall Creative we developed earned us the
    prestigious Best in Canada Award by the Canadian Marketing Association.

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  • Chrysler Canada

    Chrysler. Founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. One of the best known automotive brands in the
    world. My challenge; Re-create the perception of an automotive giant to appeal to a younger
    market. For two years, we helped lead the way for Chrysler with award winning results.

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  • Bermuda Tourism

    When someone calls and say, ‘We’d like to hire you to move to Bermuda and help us create print
    materials for the Bermuda Department of Tourism and The Royal Naval Dockyard’, it’s very hard to
    say no. So I said, ‘YES’.

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  • Steve Inks

    The year I graduated from Dawson College, I started my own freelance company and while
    a lot of my work was layout, it was the cartoons that got me the most work and from which
    I got a lot of pleasure for the first ten years of my career.

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Thank you to all our clients over the past forty years.

After over forty years of helping businesses grow their companies, we have embarked on growing our own company, The Great Cider Company. For more information, please visit our Case Studies section and see what we are up to now.

A little bit about us…

For the past forty + years, I have been helping companies create marketing that helped to build their businesses. Yes, we won awards along the way but what we were always interested in is did we help our clients grow. Over the last two decades we have operated online as a virtual collaborative team proud of the work we did – please see our Case Studies Sections – but that is coming to a close in December 2017 as we focus on building one company.

Find out more about us.

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What we support…

Conservation means different things to different people. I believe that everyone can do their piece but my prevailing interests have always been the ocean. Over the past two decades, we have worked teaching scuba diving along the Belize Barrier Reef, leading groups from Scuba Diving Magazine to the Board of Directors of the WWF and by building brand identities and websites for a select group of ocean oriented non-profits groups. To review some of these projects, visit our Conservation Case Studies section.

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What our clients think...

  • Hey Steve, you're a genius!

    -Jonathan Bird Underwater Cinematographer.
  • As the Director of Public Relations at Henry Birks & Sons, I can say that I have been singularly impressed bySteve Roper's intuitive ability to understand the needs of his clients. In establishing my department, I found Steve an invaluable help in getting us started on the right foot with creative materials which captured the upscale image necessary for our company. He possess the rare ability to perceive the needs of a client, to create and design AND to manage the project through to the complete satisfaction of a client. I cannot think of a Creative Director I would recommend more than Steve.

    -Johanne Hotte Director of Public Relations - Henry Birks & Sons Montreal, Quebec
  • As the Executive Director of the Port Angeles Tourism & Convention Center, I represent an entire region of Washington State. I have had the pleasure to work with Steve Roper on the development of our 'You can see it from here' national advertising campaign. Steve creativity and professionalism helped us create an image which increased visitation to the region by 19% in one year. I recommend Steve Roper.

    -Rick Hert Executive Director - Port Angeles Visitor and Convention Center. Washington State, USA
  • We had a very great time working with Steve, and he made it very easy to envision the end product every step of the way. After the initial consultation with Steve, we realized that we needed to make some big changes to our website, and the end result was very exciting for us. We live in a world where our website is not only being visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes, but the same customers are returning to our site at different times using these different devices. Our website is now mobile friendly and having a responsive web design means we can offer the best user experience possible. Thanks Steve!

    -Charis Developments
  • Steve played an integral part in developing the branding for the inaugural Collingwood’s Economic Development website. From initial ideas to imagery, photos to finished creative, Steve has provided turnkey, strategic and responsive solutions that have set a new creative standard.

    --Martin Rydlo Director of Marketing. The Town of Collingwood.
  • WOW!

  • The reason I and the staff of Angel continue to work closely with Steve is the dedication he shows at every level of website planning and execution. 5 years ago we embarked on a new website plan and I had some trepidations as to the amount of time we would have to spend to make this work. After establishing a scope of work I was extremely impressed as to how easy Steve made it all work and his attention to detail. If we were to start again, I would choose Steve, but luckily we are not starting again and we will continue to have Steve manage the process of making our website the "face" of Angel on the web. Steve brought us fresh ideas, easy to manage site maps and a look we are proud to display. I highly recommend Steve Roper Group to anyone who wants a great, user friendly website, and a comfortable process getting there!

    -George Szwender CEO Angel Accessibility Solutions
  • Steve played an integral part in developing the branding for the inaugural Collingwood’s Winter Wonderland festival. From initial ideas to imagery, photos to finished creative, Steve provided turnkey, strategic and responsive solutions that have set a new creative standard.

    -Martin Rydlo. Director of Marketing. The Town of Collingwood.
  • Steve was the natural choice to do my website. We have been working together for some time now and he both understands my passion for conservation and is a great web designer. I loved the simple, no nonsense design he came up with - it represents my character well and I appreciated him taking the time to develop something that both fits my personality and showcases my various offerings in a well laid out site. Thanks Steve!

    -Janneman Conradie
  • "Choosing the Steve Roper Group was one of the best business decisions I have made. From conception to completion of the project, he was a great source of ideas and really helped me to make my vision for sound Sleep Consulting website a reality. Steve is very reliable, professional and prompt in his delivery of service and his wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of web design was invaluable. I highly recommend working with Steve if you want a beautiful, functional and high performing website. Thank-you Steve!"

    -Hali Blake Sound Sleep Consulting
  • You have helped government to define its message to the community and, in so doing, members of the community have responded and agreed to lend their expertise and support to helping government realize its objectives in respect to the Commission on Competitiveness.

    I fully appreciate that a great deal of effort has gone into this contribution and want you to know these efforts have not gone unnoticed; indeed, they have been greatly appreciated by the Government.

    -Sir John Swan Premier of Bermuda
  • Steve. Thanks for your vision, guidance and patience as we grow a new image for Collingwood.

    -Martin Rydlo. Director of Marketing. The Town of Collingwood.
  • I had the opportunity to visit and dive the second largest barrier reef in the world in southern Belize led by Steve Roper. Along on this trip were several members of the Board of Directors of the World Wildlife Fund.

    During the trip out, Steve explained in great detail the wonders of the barrier reef system and the need for people to respect and protect this wonderful resource of ours. He carefully explained the dive to us and led us along a remarkable visit. I happen to recall his charm when he commented on how good a diver I was. He made us all feel at ease.

    His commitment to our oceans impressed me as he outlined his vision to reduce commercial fishing vessels and install moorings along the barrier reef to preserve this pristine environment, a vision I share. I am pleased that he is continuing to contribute and promote awareness, knowledge and insight into ways others can protect our oceans at Ocean's Edge.

    Keep up the good work, Steve.

    -Kathryn Fuller World Wildlife Fund
  • Dear Steve: I wanted to thank you again for making my recent trip and first diving experiences particularly wonderful. I couldn't have asked for more consideration and encouragement. Conrad and I hope to bring some diving friends back down next year. I will be able to consistently clear my mask by then! If I could write like my husband, you would have seen a scuba story instead of a fishing one in the Philadelphia Inquirer this past Sunday. At least he was able to weave you into the story. Also, if he'd heard my 2-cents worth you would have been described as more "affable". I would have at least added patient and professional. My best to all of you and wish for continued success.

    -Brenda Grove
  • As Executive Director of the Port Angeles Department of Tourism, I had the pleasure of working with Steve on developing our advertising campaign or our region and would like to recognize his creativity and professionalism. Steve was a major player in the success of our advertising campaign and I have no problem recommending him.

    -Rick Hert Executive Director, Port Angeles Department of Tourism.
  • We have been working with Steve Roper for almost five years now and have seen a huge upturn in business since he re-designed our website. He speaks Computer speak English (well Canadian actually) to us in sentences and uses phrases that we can understand. We can see why something works and how well it is working.

    Because of Steve's input, we are well followed on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and some other sites that seem to pop up every now and then. Our investment has been rewarded by a substantial increase in business for which we are thankful. We will continue to use the Steve Roper Group for all of our on-line marketing.

    -Stu and Fran Rattle. Two if by Sea Charters. The British Virgin Islands
  • Steve possesses a broad skill set and while focused on marketing and business development, his contribution is rounded out with a sound financial understanding of non-profit sector challenges.

    Steve recognizes that there is often resistance at the board level to new ideas and he is not reluctant to push for growth with reasonable budget requirements, backed by a belief in his abilities to deliver results.

    Steve also works within and around the limitations of our staff time and technical competency in the organization, teaching them and providing us documentation to make our day-to-day work more efficient and puts the effort into creating processes that can be maintained with relative ease.

    We value Steve’s contribution and dedication to Craigdaroch Castle.

    -John Hughes Executive Director. Craigdarroch Castle.
  • It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve. He works quickly and efficiently, and created a gorgeous, functional website for the Marine Megafauna Foundation. He was excellent at managing the process, from initial design and development right through to the launch. At all stages we received clear updates and feedback.

    I thoroughly recommend Steve Roper's web design and online marketing services as a brilliant partner in creating an online presence.

    -Simon J. Pierce, PhD Principal Scientist. Marine Megafauna Foundation
  • After ten long years in conservation I finally feel like MMF has a website that showcases the work that we do in a beautiful and dynamic way! As a full time field researcher I sometimes find it hard to stay connected with the public and disseminate the full scope of our findings in an interesting and timely fashion. Steve Roper has revolutionized our ability to do this, allowing us to highlight our long-term programs and keep our fans up to date with our current projects.

    -Dr. Andrea Marshall Director - Marine Megafauna Foundation. Queen of the Mantas.
  • I first met Steve in 2007.Over the past eight years, Steve has been instrumental in creating and managing our website and the beautiful Interpretive Signage Kiosk the OPES spearheaded at the Ogden Point Deep Sea Facility. The Ogden Point Deep Sea Facility is visited by up to a million visitors annually and they have enjoyed his many contributions that enhance the facility.

    -Gerry Lutz President. The Ogden Point Enhancement Society
  • As with all small businesses and websites, as I have learned, there is a constant ebb and flow of evolution and development. Over the last eight years, Steve has helped me navigate through the gradual learning process and discovery of my own personal style, identity and distinctiveness that I myself possess and want to portray through my business and work. Steve listened to what I wanted and helped me figure out what it was I wanted at times that I was unsure. During the design of the first website I had a vision for the site. Steve gave me tips and ideas on what he thought would work best and what he thought wouldn’t. I mostly listened……but not always. He was very patient with me through this process. Interestingly enough, any of the advice I didn’t adhere to the first time round I grew to see and understand for myself that they were changes that needed to be made. In other words, when it comes to websites, listen to Steve ;). Now a few years later as I have a little more footing in my budding business we are launching an incredibly beautiful site that I could not be more excited about. Couldn’t have done it without you Steve.

    -Devaki MacDonald
  • I had always wanted a website to showcase my personal marine conservation work. It was Steve that pushed me to create my own site and I could not be more grateful. He helped me design something allows me to share my research and photography in a fun and engaging way with my followers. The best thing about my site is that he really took the time to get to know me, so my site is both tastefully designed and really reflects my personality. Steve also knows that I am short on time, he designed my site to be easy to use and easy for me to maintain. Honestly I could not be happier with what he has created for me. I cannot believe that I did not make a website earlier!"

    -Dr. Andrea Marshall Queen of the Mantas.
  • I am writing to say how delighted we are with the marketing tools and web site you created for the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Working with Steve Roper was a positive experience from start to finish. The re-design of our organization’s logo and stationary began the process, and set the stage for the new look and feel of the web site. All of the new design elements were skillfully incorporated into a very welcoming and visually integrated visitor experience on the web site.

    That, combined with a substantial increase in search engine presence, has significantly raised our profile in the community, which is already being reflected in an increase of donations coming in. The ease of updating the page content was incorporated into the design as we requested, and that will allow us to maintain fresh and current content to keep the visitor’s interest.

    We look forward to working with you on other projects in the future.

    -Terry Morrison Executive Director
  • Steve and his team provided Talking Oceans Foundation with a really professional website, expertly integrating our ideas and goals with his own creativity and experience. We are happy customers!

    -Alex Tilley Executive Director - Talking Oceans
  • The reason I and the staff of Angel continue to work closely with Steve at Steve Roper, is the dedication he shows at every level of website planning and execution. 5 years ago we embarked on a new website plan and I had some trepidations as to the amount of time we would have to spend to make this work.

    After establishing a scope of work I was extremely impressed as to how easy Steve made it all work and his attention to detail. If we were to start again, I would choose Steve, but luckily we are not starting again and we will continue to have Steve manage the process of making our website the "face" of Angel on the web. Steve brought us fresh ideas, easy to manage site maps and a look we are proud to display.

    I highly recommend Steve Roper Group to anyone who wants a great, user friendly website, and a comfortable process getting there!

    -George Szwender CEO Angel Accessibility Solutions
  • Steve Roper spent almost four years listening to us as we slowly developed our website and wrote content, offering top-notch Creative Direction and online marketing guidance which allowed us to launch a world class website - which - to our delight, began generating revenue instantly. By the end of the first year, our investment had been completely repaid. I could not have asked for more.

    -Paul Choquette
  • In just one meeting, Steve was able to take our fledgling ideas and quickly provide a concept for our new site. Working with him over the course of the project was enjoyable and enlightening, and the finished product succeeds beyond our expectations. Beyond the design, Steve’s understanding of website analytics, and his drive to continuously improve results is a huge added benefit.

    -Kirk Stinchcombe Econics
  • I met Steve back in 1984. I did not know it then but it was to be a turning point in my life. To be an 18 year old kid and consider Steve to be my first real, and most significant mentor is a statement in itself. Saying the same thing in hindsight over 30 years later, however, is actually saying something.

    It is unusual that such a statement can hold true for so many years, but the ripples that permeate my life always return to that moment of contact.

    Steve is and always has been many things to me:

    Fresh, youthful and as exuberant as a newborn. Passionate, caring and always attentive to the minutest of details. Street smart, knowledgeable and successful in the myriad ways of business, creativity and experience. Steve is at once a live wire and the tip of the iceberg.

    I consider myself a lucky man to have had him as my mentor and I know that he continues to pass on his boundless positive influence to others much more worthy than I. That is very good news. Because of Steve, I live in a world where to lead by example, to be true in deeds and in actions, is always the only course of action.

    Thank you Steve -- Don't ever change!

    -Tom Liszt Liszten Consulting.
  • As an independent Ship’s Agency and Customs Brokerage firm we recognized the need to improve our on-line presence, and to provide a better information portal for our clients.

    In just one meeting, Steve was able to take our fledgling ideas and quickly provide a concept for our new site. Working with him over the course of the project was enjoyable and enlightening, and the finished product succeeds beyond our expectations. Beyond the design, Steve’s understanding of website analytics, and his drive to continuously improve results is a huge added benefit.

    In conjunction with the new website we also asked Steve to help us develop a corporate brand or identity. As a 100 year old company, we felt it was time to reassess our image, and to project a more modern look for more modern times. The time and effort, along with the attention to detail, that Steve provided culminated in a comprehensive new look for our company involving logos, letterhead, and business cards.

    We are now working with Steve as we venture into print advertising, and again, we are extremely pleased with his concepts and approach. This is a new frontier for our business, but we have no doubt that Steve’s skills in marketing will definitely benefit our company.

    Steve has given our business an opportunity to grow and to reach new markets. We look forward to a long and successful working relationship with Steve Roper in the coming years.

    -Simon Smith Vice-President King Bros. Limited
  • Steve is without a doubt the most enjoyable person to work with on a project. He views ideas from angles most people wouldn’t even know are there. He is hard working and reliable. Given the industry that I work in, most of the projects I encounter are very time sensitive. Steve has always been able to take on the responsibility and deliver on time. When it comes to graphic design and overall website management, Steve is second to none.

    -Jarred Brown Partymart Managing Partner.
  • My understanding of the time and creative skills required to design and build an effective website - one that is visually appealing and delivers measurable results - is maturing.

    I appreciate now that you are a partner in my small business undertaking; that your skills are indispensable to our longer term success. No small business, especially a niche market web based one like ours is likely to flourish without the kind of meticulous attention you bring to site development and performance metrics.

    Thanks for all your good work. I look forward to our continued partnership.

    -Alex Rhodes View Master Optics
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