From Montreal to Vancouver Island, from Bermuda to Belize, Steve Roper has lived all over the world and has experienced big cities, small towns, and everything in between.

Steve-on-way-to-Glovers-AtoFrom Montreal to Vancouver Island, from Bermuda to Belize, Steve Roper has lived and worked all over the world and has experienced big cities, small towns, and everything in between. In Maya Beach, Belize, the local population was 70.

Steve and Yim moved to Collingwood in the summer of 2013. Today, as owner and Founder of The Steve Roper Group, Steve uses his expertise, experience and passion for the region to help drive business growth and economic development in Collingwood.



On Business

Steve is creative by nature but was attracted to a career in business & marketing because he loved the ability to translate experiences and see companies grow. From launching and selling products to selling the Collingwood tourism experience, Steve is inspired by helping businesses grow and by seeing ideas turned into a concrete reality. “I love to see things created,” he comments. This much is easy to see since he has developed tourism projects for the Departments of Tourism in Bermuda, Port Angeles, Victoria, BC and St. Martin in the French West Indies, to name just a few.

Since moving to Collingwood, Steve has been impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

As past Creative Director at major agencies such as BBDO Canada, Foote, Cone & Belding in Bermuda, and as Marketing Director for The Dicom Group in Montreal and Aviawest in Victoria, Steve continues to grow and develop The Steve Roper Group. Already, in collaboration with other partners, he has co-launched a new annual Winter Wonderland website for the Town of Collingwood as well as conceptualizing and creating their new Economic Development website and much of their new branding. He works daily with companies around the world, including Montreal, Quebec, Collingwood, Ontario, Victoria, BC, Seattle, Washington, and Mozambique.

On Settling in Collingwood

MG3As a student, Steve spent his first year traveling North America and Mexico in his MG Midget with a pup tent. This spurred his travel bug and since, Steve has traveled extensively, visiting and living in St. Martin, FWI, Bermuda, Florida, Vancouver Island and Belize. He has always been fascinated by the life which exists just under the water… or occasionally, a hundred feet under the water.

Steve enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, sailing and scuba diving and spends time helping his wife and friends run their businesses… he lovingly refers to them as his non-profit projects. Steve loves visiting local waterfalls and hiking the Bruce Trail with his wife Yim.

Things you didn’t know about Steve:

Me at Blue Grace helm• Steve has a Master Scuba Divers Training License
• Steve has led expeditions for National Geographic and the World Wildlife Fund and taught scuba diving in Belize for four years
• Steve has a Six Pack Captains License
• Steve has sailed solo from Montreal to the Caribbean
• Steve owned and operated Blue Grace Charters, on his own 37′ Beneteau
• Steve holds a Financial Advisor’s certification
• Steve was the Creative Director for the launch of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the most successful car launch in Canadian history

When not traveling to meetings, Steve can be found working away in his office with concepts spread across his desk, creating, editing, and thinking up ways to grow and strengthen his myriad clients’ business goals.

Steve is located at 1 Lynden Street in Collingwood. If he doesn’t answer the door, look in the backyard.

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