Our Core Process serves to clarify our client's overall goals and ensure optimum results by keeping the focus on creating web sites that meet business goals by solving business problems.

Steve Roper has a 3 Step Core Process, designed to stimulate thinking and results while helping to keep projects on time and on budget. Below you’ll find the basics of the process, which we customize to suit a client’s needs and to track the progress of projects.

Defining The Project

  • Discovery
  • Gathering Information
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Analyzing Your Industry
  • Developing Functional Requirements
  • Creating a Project Plan
  • Setting The Budget
  • Creating Schedules
  • Setting Up Staging Areas
  • Planning For User Testing
  • Determining Overall Goals
  • Begin Work

Developing Site Structure

  • Content Review
  • Auditing Existing Content
  • Outlining Content
  • Content Delivery Plan
  • Site Mapping
  • Addressing Existing Site
  • Addressing Navigation
  • Naming & Labeling
  • Defining Key User Paths
  • Creating Storyboards
Designing Visual Interface

  • Creating the site
  • Reviewing Site Goals
  • Developing Concepts
  • Presenting Designs
  • Gathering Feedback
  • Flow and Functionality
  • Testing Functionality
  • Creating Graphic Templates
  • Creating a Design Site Guide

Building and Integrating

  • Planning
  • Establishing Guidelines
  • Setting File Structure
  • Building & Integration
  • Creating HTML Templates
  • Implementing Light Scripting
  • Populating Pages
  • Integrating Backend
  • Testing
  • Conducting QA Testing
  • Prioritizing and Fixing Bugs
  • Conducting a Final Check
  • Integrating Analytics

  • Completing a Style Guide
  • Tracking Documentation
  • Conducting a Post Launch Meeting
  • Scheduling Maintenance Training

SEO and Post Launch

  • Preparing an Announcement Plan
  • Optimizing For Search Engines
  • Launching the Site


  • Maintaining the Site
  • Internal vs External Maintenance
  • Developing a Maintenance Plan
  • Confirming Site Security
  • Planning Iterative Initiatives
  • Measuring Success

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