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Posted by Steve Roper January 18, 2014 | Comments Off on Blogging versus Facebook

Something I’ve been doing some research on again… and why I still think Blogging for a company still has value for SEO purposes.

Couple of things many people don’t really know or understand. Once you stop Blogging and post only on Facebook, Facebook actually then owns the content as opposed to posting on your own Blog and then sharing on Facebook.

I like Facebook. It’s a good place to share quick updates/links to your blog or website. Your blog is where you publish well-planned, thoughtful posts on topics that interest your audience. And your blog should be supported by social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, many businesses fail at social media because they forget that it is just a way to quickly connect with your audience and encourage them to visit your website for more information. The goal is not to have 1000’s of Facebook fans… but 1000’s of sales.

89% customers go to a company website when making purchasing decision.

Research shows that despite the heavy investment on Facebook, consumers still visit a companies website more often, and would rather be introduced to a company through friends, not ads or their Facebook Page.

When customers wanted information to make a purchasing decision, 89% went straight to the company’s website; 21% percent used a social network.

So, here are 10 very good reasons to Blog on your website and post to Facebook;

Number 10 – Stability. No frustrating changes to deal with – the changes on Facebook are fast and furious and you can go crazy. But your blog is self hosted, stable, consistent and reliable.

Number 9 – Bigger payoff. Facebook marketing is an investment in risky and uncertain, if done correctly, the time spent on your own blog ALWAYS pays off.

Number – 8 – SEO. If done correctly, blogging will improve your search ranking on Google through optimization of in-bound links and keywords. Facebook does not help your search positioning.

Number 7 – Longer shelf life. The articles on your blog have a longer shelf life because it will still be able to be found for months or years via Google, links and internal search. Facebook updates only last a few days at the most.

Number 6 – Source of News. Facebook decides who will see your updates, but on your blog anyone and EVERYONE can see its contents.

Number 5 – Content Hub. A blog is the hub of your content and where you start your thought leadership. Facebook only helps distribute / promote their content.

Number 4 – Offer more value. Facebook Fans will only “Like” your brand if they think you have something of value to offer such as discounts and free products. But on your blog you can offer more value by providing helpful tips, advice, counseling, industry news, discounts, freebies and showing new things.

Number 3 – More clicks. A compelling link in your blog is likely to attract a click, while a link to your Facebook page will be ignored… okay, maybe on this one. I am still analyzing a few of my websites for this metric.

Number 2 – Reach multiple audiences. This includes RSS, email, site visitors and ALL social networks. On Facebook you will only reach a portion of the people who “like” your page.

And the number 1 reason why a blog is better than Facebook: CONTROL. You get what you want.


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