Angel Accessibility Solutions Victoria, British Colombia

Our goals and mandate with Angel Solutions was to design them a superior website with lead generation tactics.
Over the five year period we conceptualized and managed their website, visitation increased by over 1,000%

The Project

Angel Solutions approached us in late 2008 to begin working on their branding and website and over the next five years, we created a beautiful, detailed website featuring 80+ products. The site, built in Wordpress includes an integrated newsletter with complete product database segmentation to track metrics on every product, RSS Feeds, a Blog and advanced analytics.

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom CMS-focused development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Front-end development with HTML5
  • Search engine optimization

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It's all about Branding

Over a five year period, we created and applied consistent branding to virtually every element of Angel's business. From designing their brochures, their trade show booth, their showcase and product service room, to creating their advertising and applying graphics to their vehicles and their signage.

There was not an element we had not branded. Please click the button below to see the entire portfolio of work we developed.

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Responsive Design

A contemporary website must work effectively on all desktop browsers as well as the myriad of mobile devices available today. Responsive Design is the art of creating an architecture that works across all browsers and devices. Responsive Design tailors the implementation to provide the best quality online browsing experience - whether on a computer, smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader, and regardless of the operating system.

Angel Solutions branding worked very well with this integration.


For a period of five years, we conceptualized and produced all advertising for Angel, strengthening their perception and position in the marketplace as a leader in accessibility solutions. Their advertising all featured real life scenarios of their products in functional environments.

For the five years we were responsible for the marketing and website development of Angel Solutions, sales increased year over year.

Angel Elevating Solution

When Angel chose to segment out their elevating solutions as a separate company, I maintained the look and feel for marketing reasons. Angel had a reputation and maximizing that reputation helped the sales team penetrate markets easier.

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Show Booth

We developed a curved foldable show booth which could be easily transported to shows across the country which included a podium which the unit was packed within which included the option of running power up from the bottom for salespeople to prop a computer and explain the website in details to visitors to the booth.

Interior Showroom Design

When Angel purchased a new building, we conceptualized and developed 3D Renderings on how their showroom could be developed to showcase their product lines in sections with dividers that were designed to be easily updated with the technical information a visitor would be interested in while browsing the showroom.

The panels between sections were designed and produced within a light tubular frame with four locking wheels and a velcro based skin which allowed for different products to be promoted easily by simply removing and changing the 'skin' of individual products.

These drawings helped created scenarios which allowed Angel to stage the showroom according to the clients interests and needs.

3D Illustrations

We created virtually all of their product illustrations in 3D from blueprints when products were unavailable or photography too unwieldy to produce before the showroom was built.

As you can see from the example at right, these illustrations were technically perfect and helped Angel provide their sales people with the tools they required to show potential clients the products they were marketing.

Angel Technical Sheets

Every product that Angel carried had it's own branded product sheet.

Angel Brochure

The Angel Brochure showcased an accessible house and the solutions Angel provided inside with examples of residents living independent lives due to Angel products.

Vehicle Identification

Our decision to promote the positioning statement on the vehicles and keep the graphics very clean and simple was purposeful.

We wanted to get the message across and build the perception on a positive note -

We Lift People Up.

3D Video Production

Take a look at this beautiful 3D Video we produced for Angel Solutions.

The Solution & Result

Angel Solutions asked us to take over the management of their branding and online identity and over a five year period, we raised their online visitation by over 1,000%, during which time we created and branded virtually every element of their business, including developing their signage, showroom, photography, product illustrations, marketing materials, e-newsletters, videos and their websites.

Client Review

The reason I and the staff of Angel continue to work closely with Steve is the dedication he shows at every level of website planning and execution. 5 years ago we embarked on a new website plan and I had some trepidations as to the amount of time we would have to spend to make this work. After establishing a scope of work I was extremely impressed as to how easy Steve made it all work and his attention to detail. If we were to start again, I would choose Steve, but luckily we are not starting again and we will continue to have Steve manage the process of making our website the "face" of Angel on the web. Steve brought us fresh ideas, easy to manage site maps and a look we are proud to display. I highly recommend Steve Roper Group to anyone who wants a great, user friendly website, and a comfortable process getting there!

-George Szwender CEO Angel Accessibility Solutions

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