The Town of Collingwood Collingwood, Ontario

Welcoming over 2 Million visitors annually, Collingwood is a vibrant town located in the heart of the Southern Georgian Bay and has become a four season destination with an enviable quality of life. Within easy driving distance to urban centers such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, Collingwood holds a unique position as both a business leader and recreational gem.
We developed the strategy, created and developed their Economic Development Website.

The Project

We were asked by the Town of Collingwood to develop the architecture, strategy and design of their first dedicated Economic Development Website. The project has been very collaborative and has included both the public and private sector during the development process. We are pleased with the result.

  • Complete Re-Branding
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom CMS Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

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About Collingwood

The first and most important part of creating exceptional branding and value proposition advertising starts with the photography and building campaigns around visuals.

During my conceptual process, I spent several months interviewing a variety of photographers and probably only touched the surface but feel we started the process working with the best we could find - like Jeff Schouwaerts and Colin Field.

The results are visually compelling advertisements.

Responsive Design

People who browse while on-the-go have very different needs than those sitting at a desk. Responsive web sites re-organize themselves automatically according to the device viewing them, so that the same website provides a great experience everywhere.

We felt it critical that the Town integrate Responsive Design as a crucial element of the new website initiative and the results are an excellent completely mobile compliant website.

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Presentation Folder

With a strong emphasis on developing new branding, the look and feel of all future elements should create a coherent communications package.

This presentation kit allows the Town to send out informational packages to businesses and families wishing to relocate to Collingwood or considering the move.

A nice piece which allows for several additional elements to be inserted

Collingwood Sell Sheets

This year, we began developing a series of Sell Sheets which could be sent to interested parties in investing in Collingwood following the branding. Not surprisingly, we love them.


Putting together a complete presentation package for the Town meant inserting a series of postcards which reflect the direction of the website and set a high standard visually.

Slider Banners and Ads

This series of slider banners showcase the Town and the lifestyle available in Collingwood, featuring imagery of Georgian Bay, the iconic Shipyard Terminals and the Town itself.

We also used these as a series of ads which appeared in local print media to promote the new website while using local photographers to capture the very best images of Collingwood.

The Solution & Result

The Town of Collingwood asked us to work with them to develop both the strategy and the development of their first dedicated Economic Development Website and we are very pleased with the initial results.

Client Review

Steve played an integral part in developing the branding for the inaugural Collingwood’s Economic Development website. From initial ideas to imagery, photos to finished creative, Steve has provided turnkey, strategic and responsive solutions that have set a new creative standard.

--Martin Rydlo Director of Marketing. The Town of Collingwood.



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