The Great Cider Company

In early 2015, I was hired to create and launch a Cider Company. This was no small project. I had never tasted Cider before and in the first year, attended conferences and cider making courses, sourced organic apple growers, hired a cider maker and a variety of different production facilities, researched and wrote a marketing and business plan and am in the process of launching the company.
Here’s a bit of the story.

Organic Certification

It's no easy task to be certified organic by the Canadian Organic Regime. Our goal to create organic cider started with the task of being certified and I am pleased to say that after a full year of work, we were awarded the Pro-Cert Certification for Organic Hard Cider.
We can honestly say; We wrote the book on creating an Organic Cider in Canada.

The Logo

Developing the initial corporate logo came about after I had established in my mind how the rest of the company was going to look. Once I knew how the company was going to work, the logo development came naturally. I wanted it to be slightly simplistic to reflect our organic origins... the apple woodcut illustration is perfect.

It is impossible not to associate apples with our Ciders.

The Website

The first website is very simple, creating a clean simple website with very few pages, allowing us to evolve the site as we complete each new phase of production and distribution.


Our Can Design

The overall simplicity of our branding creates exactly what we want to focus on - our Organic Cider. I am proud to say we have created the first organic Hard Cider in Canada and we wanted the branding to clearly say that loud and proud.

Toronto Cider Festival

In August 2017, at the Toronto Cider Festival, our Nice and Dry Organic Cider was awarded Best in Show from 80 entries across Canada.

GlintCap 2017

GlintCap is the largest International Cider Competition in North America and our first Cider ever won a Bronze Medal.

Our Bottle Design

WE chose as our launch bottle a beautiful clear self-sealing bottle which shows the clear crisp colour of our Cider and then we added just a touch of branding on the neck.

Our Growler Design

We wanted to have everything ready for the launch so every element was designed before we even had our final product made so we had no hurdles to discuss once we had to ramp up to supply potential demand..

The First Website

The beginning of the website was very simple, developed as a single page design at this stage. At this point, analytics had been integrated as well as a newsletter and social media to begin getting ranked by Google and the search engines.

Our Event Tent

A nice clean design. Simple and reflective of our Cider.

Responsive Design

People who browse while on-the-go have very different needs than those sitting at a desk. Responsive web sites re-organize themselves automatically according to the device viewing them, so that the same website provides a great experience everywhere.

It was important that The Great Canadian Cider Company integrate Responsive Design as a crucial element of the new website initiative and the results are an excellent completely mobile compliant website.

Our First Ads

Yes. It is organic.

Introducing our Nice & Dry Cider

Grown, pressed and fermented
in Ontario, our Nice & Dry Cider
is made using naturally-aged
apples to produce our sweetness -
then we add just a touch of
organic cane sugar.

This almost perfect blend results
in a cider which is a perfect choice
for any easy drinking occasion.
This crisp, clean, refreshing cider
is naturally Gluten Free, Celiac Friendly
and finishes up with hints of
our classic Ontario apples.


Describing our ciders is a sweet
(pardon the pun) challenge.

Our Tap Handles

A nice clean design. Simple and reflective of our Cider.

Awarded Best Design by Graphic Design USA 2017.

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