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Liszten Consulting provides marketing consulting services, design expertise and project management. Tom Liszt works with a variety of clients and industries, from small start-up operations who are seeking to create an identity, to established medium sized businesses wishing to develop marketing materials and growth within their markets. With over 30 years of experience, Tom is a Pro.

As one of my oldest friends, I am flattered to work with him and recommend contacting him for your next project.

The Project

Liszten Consulting was a new company that needed a website to help them better reach their audience. They needed a presence on the web that communicated the various facets of their talents. We worked with Tom collaboratively to design a Wordpress website which achieved his goals and which he could continue to update himself.

  • Website Design
  • Custom CMS-focused development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Social Media options

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Clear navigation was determined early on through thoughtful development of a site navigation map. Continuity was then established by taking important visual cues from their logo & brand colours and applying them throughout the site.

Critical consultation took place on the design and "feel" of their icons, favicons and social links. Then content was carefully created to showcase examples of their most relevant work.
Responsive Design features will be developed and added in the near future to help reach customers in the mobile marketplace.

Responsive Design features were developed and added in to help reach customers in the mobile marketplace. By adding this to Tom's website allows his customers to view the entire site no matter the device they are using.


Having some fun with some definitions for a series of Facebook Banners.

Creating a Brand Identity.

One of the fun parts of creating an identity from scratch is the ability to create custom everything.

Each of these icons represent a speciality of the company and these custom icons were created to help visitors navigate through the various categories of the company's expertise.

The Solution & Result

Tom Liszt, the Founder of Liszten Consulting, agrees that the website will never truly be finished. Tom understands that the website is an organic entity that will continue to grow and develop as his company does. Fresh projects & content will be added over time, which will then be shared publicly through various social media outlets. This follow up is important as it will help to drive new and old viewers to the website, and will clearly demonstrate the endless drive and passion Tom has for his work.

Client Review

I met Steve back in 1984. I did not know it then but it was to be a turning point in my life. To be an 18 year old kid and consider Steve to be my first real, and most significant mentor is a statement in itself. Saying the same thing in hindsight over 30 years later, however, is actually saying something.

It is unusual that such a statement can hold true for so many years, but the ripples that permeate my life always return to that moment of contact.

Steve is and always has been many things to me:

Fresh, youthful and as exuberant as a newborn. Passionate, caring and always attentive to the minutest of details. Street smart, knowledgeable and successful in the myriad ways of business, creativity and experience. Steve is at once a live wire and the tip of the iceberg.

I consider myself a lucky man to have had him as my mentor and I know that he continues to pass on his boundless positive influence to others much more worthy than I. That is very good news. Because of Steve, I live in a world where to lead by example, to be true in deeds and in actions, is always the only course of action.

Thank you Steve -- Don't ever change!

-Tom Liszt Liszten Consulting.

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