Ogden Point Victoria, British Colombia

The Ogden Point Enhancement Society was established in 1996 to beautify the Ogden Point Terminal and create public space.
The Plan took into consideration the importance of creating an aesthetically pleasing public facility and developing tourism activity.
We conceptualized and developed the interpretive kiosks, the website and the Walking App and are very proud of the work we have done at Ogden Point over the past eight years.

The Project

The Ogden Point Enhancement Society is committed to the continued beautification of the Ogden Point Breakwater Terminal in Victoria, British Columbia. The breakwater is an iconic landmark and is world renowned for its cold water diving. Our challenge was to create a brand identity, website and Interpretive Kiosk for the property.

  • Create a Brand Identity
  • Develop a Responsive Website Design
  • Create an Interpretive Kiosk
  • Develop a Walking App
  • Consult on Fundraising Initiatives
  • Sit on the Board of Directors

The Interpretive Kiosk

Ogden Point is the home to the Cruise Ship Terminal in Victoria, BC where 500,000 + Visitors disembark annually to visit Victoria. The goal of the OPES was to create a series of interpretive signage which outlined the incredible marine life surrounding the Ogden Point Breakwater and detail the ecological marine and terrestrial topography of the surrounding area and Vancouver Island. The kiosk is located at the entrance to the Ogden Point Breakwater.

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Develop A Walking App

In 2013, the OPES decided to fund and create the first walking App available in the City of Victoria with the goal of allowing cruise ship passengers to download it for free and have the option of taking multiple walks from the cruise ships to downtown Victoria and show multiple walk options and attractions along the way and also provide walk times - an important consideration for visitors on short intervals.

The Solution & Result

Over the past eight years, we have developed an identity for the Society, conceptulaized and developed an Ecological Interpretive Kisok, built and evolved a highly effective responsive website and developed the first Walking App in Victoria, British Columbia. The Walking App has been downloaded more than 500 times since it’s inception and the website receives in excess of 5,000 visits annually.

Client Review

I first met Steve in 2007.Over the past eight years, Steve has been instrumental in creating and managing our website and the beautiful Interpretive Signage Kiosk the OPES spearheaded at the Ogden Point Deep Sea Facility. The Ogden Point Deep Sea Facility is visited by up to a million visitors annually and they have enjoyed his many contributions that enhance the facility.

-Gerry Lutz President. The Ogden Point Enhancement Society

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