Port Angeles Tourism Port Angeles, Washington

The Port Angeles Department of Tourism asked for a campaign to help draw visitors to the Port Angeles and surrounding area.
We coined the tagline ‘You Can See it From Here’ and created a campaign which encouraged visitors to stay in the area
for more than a day trip and over the past ten years, it has worked wonders.

Promote Port Angeles, Washington

Our mandate was to create a compelling story about why travelers should want to visit Port Angeles and we crafted a journey to all the surrounding attractions and focused on Port Angeles as the center of the area.

This included day outings to locations such as Lake Crescent, the Sol Duc Falls, Hurricane Ridge, McCartney Peak and the Hoh Rainforest with side trips off to Ruby Beach and a day trip to Victoria aboard the Coho Ferry.

Our National Ad Campaign

Our campaign picked five destinations to feature including a trip to Victoria, BC as an area to visit while in the Port Angeles area and highlighted the voyage aboard the venerable Coho Ferry.

The campaign ran in Outside Magazine, National Geographic and virtually all major newspapers throughout the Pacific Northwest – creating awareness to the destination. In the first year the campaign ran, visitation was up 19%.

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Supporting Advertising

These skyscraper type ads were created using the best photography we could find from the surrounding greater Port Angeles area and featured Lake Crescent, the Sol Duc Falls, Hurricane Ridge, McCartney Peak and the Hoh Rainforest with side trips off to Ruby Beach and the wide choices of seastacks along the coastline. The campaign appeared in Outside Magazine, National Geographic and Sierra Magazine.

The Details

For me, the details are what I feel make my work stand out. For the series of ads we created for Port Angeles, I personally collected pine cones and needles from each location and photographed them on a white background and dropped them onto the top of a poloroid photoshop file to add some credibility to the campaign.

Go. Visit.

The Five Day Planner

There are some projects that I think I really get right and this was one of them... beautifully photographed, wonderfully written and perfectly printed, this planner told the story of how a five day vacation to Port Angeles could be one of the best vacations they ever had and Yim and I tried it. We loved it.

The Solution & Result

Port Angeles wanted to develop 'something' which promoted the town. We came up with the concept of promoting both Port Angeles AND the surrounding attractions with the idea being that visitors could stay in town and enjoy the restaurants and accomodations at the end of a great day of local sightseeing and created the 'You Can See It From Here' campaign. The concept was well received by the town, implemented and was quite a success. In the first full year that the campaign ran, accomodations in the town were up 19%.

Client Review

As Executive Director of the Port Angeles Department of Tourism, I had the pleasure of working with Steve on developing our advertising campaign or our region and would like to recognize his creativity and professionalism. Steve was a major player in the success of our advertising campaign and I have no problem recommending him.

-Rick Hert Executive Director, Port Angeles Department of Tourism.

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