Steve Inks

The year I graduated from Dawson College, I started my own freelance company and while a lot of my work was layout, it was the cartoons that got me the most work and from which I got a lot of pleasure for the first ten years of my career.

The La Place Mascot

In 1977, I began illustrating a character for a store called La Place in Montreal and spent eight years drawing this character for ads which appeared in the Montreal Gazette, Le Journal de Montreal, La Presse, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and many others.

Beau Bazoo

Beau Bazoo was a company which rented used cars that were not too fancy or polished but ran well. Some had dings, some had rust but they were cheap and this little guy was on everything they did from their business cards to the T-Shirts they sold.

Fang the Rock

This cartoon strip appeared in newspapers throughout Montreal for a period of about three years until I ran out of ideas... :-)

He says he knows Spock

They were pretty corny but people seemed to like them and the publisher kept asking for another one next week so I took a lot of side trips with this character.

La Place Car Wash

Each year, La Place sponsored a car wash in their parking lots on St Laurent Boulevard where anyone who bought anything in the store would get their car washed for free... .

IBM Canada

This shows you just how long I have been doing this. This cartoon was created to illustrate the change from those big giant reel computers to 5 1/4" floppy disks... a HUGE breakthrough from IBM in 1982.

Our Christmas Card

For years and years I created Christmas Cards which featured something that was going on in my or our lives... this one is my favorite ...

IBM Canada

This cartoon was created to remind people at IBM Canada that when they went on vacation, they should remember to turn their computers off... this was before computers went to sleep. Jeez I am old.

Our Christmas Card

This is the inside to the card above when Yim and I bought property in Belize and had our own beach on the Caribbean for four years....

La Place and Ogilvy & Mather

I was doing work for both La Place and Ogilvy and Mather and La Place challenged them to a Baseball Game. I forget who won but this guy became a standard sketch for the baseball tournaments La Place sponsored from there on.

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