Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary Victoria, British Columbia

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a wild oasis in the heart of the urban landscape and includes two distinct ecosystems: the beautiful marshland of Swan Lake and the rocky, oak-forested highlands of Christmas Hill. Both are home to an incredible array of native plants and wild animals. The Sanctuary is a living classroom fostering an understanding and appreciation of nature through direct experiences. Educational programs for all ages encourage responsibility for the care and protection of the natural environment.
I am very pleased to have re-branded the Sanctuary, built their website and sat on their Board of Directors.

Re-Brand the Nature Sanctuary

Create a new logo and website for the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Create a Brand Identity
  • Develop a CMS Managed Website
  • Create Interpretive Signage for the Sanctuary
  • Consult on Fundraising Initiatives
  • Sit on Board of Directors

Design a New Website

The lake was formed 12,000 years ago when the last glacier receded. The marsh around Swan Lake provides good habitat for many birds and small animals, including muskrat, river otter and mink. They make their homes in the rock walls, marsh grasses and cattails beside the lake. Swan Lake's water comes from a large watershed to the north and the east, which includes Blenkinsop Lake. The water drains west from the lake into the Colquitz River and drains into the Pacific Ocean at Portage Inlet.

The Sanctuary is a wonderful place to visit to enjoy serenity of nature within an urban area.

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Interpretive Signage

The Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary offers an extensive trail system. For those who like to meander, the lake trails are an easy walk and the floating boardwalk puts you right in the centre of this significant wetland area.

For those looking for a little more exertion, the hill trails offer more of a challenge. The summit of Christmas Hill sits at 109 meters above sea level and rewards you with a spectacular view of the city. In the spring a sea of wildflowers surrounds you as you walk past the endangered Garry oak meadow.

We were thrilled when we had the chance to design and situate all the signage for Swan Lake.

The Solution & Result

The Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a leader in the stewardship of functioning ecosystems and an urban refuge that provides opportunities to bring people and nature together. The sanctuary provides a diverse and enriching experience with a focus on natural history, education and ecological restoration to inspire personal action in stewardship activities. This is achieved by: Fostering an understanding and appreciation of nature through direct experiences Demonstrating responsible stewardship of our lands and ecosystems through sound ecological restoration and conservation Providing education that encourages personal responsibility for the care and protection of the natural environment. Developing and fostering community partnerships and providing rewarding opportunities for our staff and volunteers. Our website has assisted the sanctuary achieve and exceed their goals for the past six years.

Client Review

I am writing to say how delighted we are with the marketing tools and web site you created for the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Working with Steve Roper was a positive experience from start to finish. The re-design of our organization’s logo and stationary began the process, and set the stage for the new look and feel of the web site. All of the new design elements were skillfully incorporated into a very welcoming and visually integrated visitor experience on the web site.

That, combined with a substantial increase in search engine presence, has significantly raised our profile in the community, which is already being reflected in an increase of donations coming in. The ease of updating the page content was incorporated into the design as we requested, and that will allow us to maintain fresh and current content to keep the visitor’s interest.

We look forward to working with you on other projects in the future.

-Terry Morrison Executive Director

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