Marine Megafauna Foundation Tofo, Mozambique

The Marine Megafauna Foundation was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the large populations of marine megafauna found along the Mozambican coastline. ‘Megafauna’ are large marine species such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles.
We are very proud of the work we have done with the Marine Megafauna Foundation over the past four years.

The Project

Re-design the branding and online identity for the Marine Megafauna Foundation in Mozambique. This has been an exceptional and on-going project for me working with the entire team of the Foundation and being a part of the contribution to Global Conservation Awareness.

  • Re-create a Brand Identity
  • Develop a Responsive Website Design
  • Integrate online Donations
  • Integrate advanced Google Analytics
  • Consult on Fundraising Initiatives

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Integrating Online Videos and a YouTube Channel.

One of the more interesting features of the Marine Megafauna website was the integration of their YouTube Channel being completely integrated with analytics. Linking it seamlessly within YouTube allows the videos to show cleanly on the website and play within the graphically created frames. This introduction video by Nina Constable illustrates how beautiful Tofo, Mozambique is.

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Integrate Responsive Design

In 2013, after re-creating the website for MMF, we proposed the integration of Responsive Design and in 2014 began and completed the integration, at which point, daily visitation doubled and has maintained at that level, with over 30% of all visitors viewing the website on either a phone or tablet.

Accordingly, online donations have increased, allowing the Foundation to further their educational programs and scientific research across the planet.

Slider Banners

Any really good website integrates several series of internal banners or mini ad campaigns which can be used for a number of different opportunities.

These banners became online ads, real life banners at some of the shows MMF attended and as promotions for several of the fund raising campaigns we created for MMF.

As always, brilliant and relevant photography with simply headlines make for the most successful and often most compelling forms of advertising.

World Turtle Day

The purpose of the observance is to bring attention to, and increase knowledge of and respect for, turtles and tortoises, and encourage human action to help them survive and thrive. Turtle Day is celebrated worldwide in a variety of ways, from dressing up as turtles to saving turtles caught on highways, to research activities. It is sponsored yearly since 2000 by the nonprofit corporation American Tortoise Rescue.


To me, it is crtical that cross platform promotion be consistent and not helter skelter so I created guidelines for MMF to follow regarding their banners and posts.

Wild Me Branding

Wild Me is a social media app that pulls data from real scientific studies on wildlife and brings it into our lives. Individual animals like whale sharks, manta rays, etc., all get their own bio page that allows you to follow their travels as well as observe social interactions with family and friends. Incredible pictures, maps, and news updates from scientists will keep animal lovers up-to-date on all the latest information about each animal.

What we started from...

This is what we had to work with when we approached the Marine Megafauna Foundation to work with them to re-create a fairly poorly branded website.

After watching the BBC feature on Queen of the Mantas, I contacted Andrea and Simon and asked if I could work with them to re-create their brand identity and website.

The Solution & Result

The re-design for the Marine Megafauna Foundation was a labour of love for me as a Marketer and as a Master Scuba Diver. Having the opportunity to fulfill my vocational and avocational passions at the same time is about as good as it gets for me, short of actually being in the water. The Marine Megafauna Foundation plays an active vital role in protecting endangered species globally. After our Responsive Design integration, visitation to the website has increased from virtually zero to over 30,000+ visits annually with almost 30% on a mobile device. As well, the Facebook Page we integrated now has over 13,000 Friends.

Client Review

It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve. He works quickly and efficiently, and created a gorgeous, functional website for the Marine Megafauna Foundation. He was excellent at managing the process, from initial design and development right through to the launch. At all stages we received clear updates and feedback.

I thoroughly recommend Steve Roper's web design and online marketing services as a brilliant partner in creating an online presence.

-Simon J. Pierce, PhD Principal Scientist. Marine Megafauna Foundation


After ten long years in conservation I finally feel like MMF has a website that showcases the work that we do in a beautiful and dynamic way! As a full time field researcher I sometimes find it hard to stay connected with the public and disseminate the full scope of our findings in an interesting and timely fashion. Steve Roper has revolutionized our ability to do this, allowing us to highlight our long-term programs and keep our fans up to date with our current projects.

-Dr. Andrea Marshall Director - Marine Megafauna Foundation. Queen of the Mantas.

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