Two If By Sea Sail and Scuba Dive the incredible waters of the Virgin Islands

Two if by Sea is a once in a lifetime vacation opportunity for sailors, divers and those committed to simply having a wonderful relaxing vacation sailing the Virgin Islands.

We created an online business which reflects the style and comfort of a vacation aboard Two If By Sea and have been managing every aspect of their online presence for six years. During that time, online bookings have increased substantially and visitation to the website and Facebook pages have helped us grow the business.

The Project

We’ve chartered with Stu and Fran aboard Two If By Sea on several occasions and spent a lot of time together in Belize diving and sailing so when they asked us to create their new website, we jumped at the chance to create something which reflected their unique locations and beautiful catamaran in the Virgin islands.

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom CMS-focused development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Front-end development with HTML5
  • Custom CMS-focused development
  • Fully Integrated Blog


If I am going to do advertising, it sure is a lot of fun to do advertising for a Sailing and Diving Charter Operation. Let’s face it... some of the most enticing photography for vacation destinations taken involves beautiful Caribbean background, turquoize waters, beaches, scuba diving, sailing or simply people enjoying themselves on a once-in -a-lifetime vacation.

Working in partnership with Two Is By Sea provides me exactly that opportunity, whether creating them a Facebook banner, a print ad or an online ad, just about everything I show certainly makes it easier to sell people on the idea of enjoying a vacation on Two if by Sea.

Ad Portfolio


A picture speaks a thousand words and with the Virgin Islands as a backdrop, we always pushed TIBS to continue to take photography but when they had charters, were often too busy so I simply had to go down and do it myself...

Two If By Sea

A logo worthy of a fine sailing ship...

Super Bowl 2015

Now does this sound like a good way to watch the super bowl... on the front of a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands... seriously ?


Two If By Sea managed their Facebook Page better than almost any other client of mine, with a bit of prodding to keep them thinking in advance. The hardest part of social media is creating content on a regular basis.

Responsive Design

Making the website completely responsive for any device allows visitors to the website to book their vacation from anywhere at anytime. It simply the way the web works these days. The connection or idea to look for a great charter could come at any time and in any place and we wanted to make sure Two If By Sea was mobile compliant.

Sailing and Diving Vacations are a competitive business and we felt that having a clean mobile design would give Two If By Sea a little professional advantage.

It has !

Frans Favourites

in 2016, we conceptualized and developed an on-going series of Blog and Facebook Posts specifically aimed at telling stories of the best locations Fran had visited over her ten years sailing the British Virgin Islands and also developed a map on the website to pinpoint the locations, allowing guests to chart their own course for their vacation visually, depending on what their preferences were.

The Solution & Result

Two if by Sea are not only very good friends, but kindred spirits in that we both share a love of sailing and diving so when we began working with them, the branding was fairly simple. Now, Two if by Sea is a well followed Facebook Page AND they have seen a substantial increase in business. The website continues to climb organically and is now receiving over 10,000 visitors annually.

Client Review

We have been working with Steve Roper for almost five years now and have seen a huge upturn in business since he re-designed our website. He speaks Computer speak English (well Canadian actually) to us in sentences and uses phrases that we can understand. We can see why something works and how well it is working.

Because of Steve's input, we are well followed on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and some other sites that seem to pop up every now and then. Our investment has been rewarded by a substantial increase in business for which we are thankful. We will continue to use the Steve Roper Group for all of our on-line marketing.

-Stu and Fran Rattle. Two if by Sea Charters. The British Virgin Islands

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