View Master Optics Saanich, British Columbia

Serious Binoculars for Extraordinary Views.
These are NOT your everyday binoculars. These babies are special. From the comforts of your own home to out in the field,
View Master Optics observation binoculars allow you unparalleled closeness to nature.
It’s best you try them yourselves or watch the videos on the website. Trust me.

The Project

Alex Rhodes and I had something in common right from the start. A love of the oceans and a conservative approach to building a small company so when we started View Master Optics, the process was almost like two brothers working together for the first time... and it resulted in a solid website which we have gradually developed along the way. We both like to tinker and gauge metrics. The site works. The product is getting noticed. Sales continue to double each year.

  • Responsive website design
  • Custom CMS-focused development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Integrated Blog
  • Advanced Social Media options.

Our Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail has long been one of our secret weapons and well designed, carefully planned pieces always seem to work. Targeting key audiences and demographics, understanding who will want a product and where they live and how to put material in their hands which will interest them and result in an action is something over the past four decades we have done VERY well.

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The Logo

When developing this logo, we chose a symbol of a Bald Eagle as an icon, depicting their legendary vision and integrated that with the tagline; Serious Binoculars for Extraordinary Views.


For most of our clients, we have created and guided them along with Facebook, creating main banners and often, the content. What we have found over the years is that very few clients maintain their social media professionally, which always makes me sad due to the thought and effort we have always put into each client's identity.

The Photography

When we take on a new start-up, everything has to be done and many clients underestimate this process. When Alex first approached me, I don't think he understood the importance first class photography would have on the marketing of his observation binoculars but several years later, that initial investment has paid off handsomely.

Responsive Design

The design aspect of responsive web design is often over-shadowed by the implementation or development side of the process. We work to ensure our process includes the fact that three columns collapse cleanly and aesthetically into two, and finally into one; and try to keep in the forefront that the goal is to design a beautiful interface for the content as well as ensuring the branding conveyed on a mobile device is also consistent.

We feel our solutions generally solve these issues for all our clients.

The Solution & Result

Since we began working with View Master Optics, market penetration has been steady, doubling annually for the past three years and we are projecting a very good year in 2015 with quadruple the sales volume from our first year, bringing us inline with what we hoped to achieve when we started the company. We are pleased with the consistent growth we are seeing and foresee further investments within the website in 2015.

Client Review

My understanding of the time and creative skills required to design and build an effective website - one that is visually appealing and delivers measurable results - is maturing.

I appreciate now that you are a partner in my small business undertaking; that your skills are indispensable to our longer term success. No small business, especially a niche market web based one like ours is likely to flourish without the kind of meticulous attention you bring to site development and performance metrics.

Thanks for all your good work. I look forward to our continued partnership.

-Alex Rhodes View Master Optics

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