Creative directors design marketing that creates a unique and consistent brand image for companies.
They determine the best way to represent a company’s message in both visual and written form.
Each company we work with is a partner to us. We are not so much looking for clients as partners,
people we can help conceptualize and grow a business with together.

Some of our favorite projects…

Just what is Creative Direction ?

Simply put, it is the specialty of overseeing the creative aspects of a wide variety of marketing or conceptual campaigns. From my perspective, the work evolves from an inherent understanding of Marketing. What a business is all about and how the public should / could perceive the business. In other words, a business idea comes first and the creative follows the core concept.

A Creative Director is responsible for everything… the big picture. They are ultimately responsible for leading a creative and / or marketing team(s), providing guidance and direction. They are responsible for defining process and communicating vision.

Above all, the Creative Director’s job is to insure creative excellence. A good Creative Director can not only come up with the ideas, but has the ability to “spot” a good idea from someone else or even lead someone else to fully develop an idea.

Creative directors turn a company’s marketing goals into effective designs and strategies. They develop marketing campaigns through their inherent understanding of current trends and the needs of their clients. They oversee a team of other designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters and programmers that create all aspects of a company’s image, including, but certainly not limited to, logos, advertising, packaging, websites, signage, videos, commercials, trade shows and other marketing materials. They manage their team to ensure that any project is progressing on time, on budget, and meets all quality standards.

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