Old Baldy, Beaver Valley, Ontario

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Old Baldy is located in Beaver Valley and is part of the Blue Mountains which is the highest section of the Niagara Escarpment. Were it not for this escarpment, there would be little in the southern part of Ontario that even resembles a hill.

The Niagara escarpment runs from Niagara Falls and zigzags northwards up to the Bruce Peninsula where it disappears under the waters of Georgian Bay only to re-emerge on Manitoulin Island (the largest freshwater island in the world) and then reaches its northern terminus. The escarpment is a UNESCO world biosphere reserve site.

The Bruce Trail follows the escarpment for a total of 800 km, up to the tip of Georgian Bay. Along the way are many great bluffs, valleys, caves and rocky outcroppings. Old Baldy is one place that imparts any real sense of ‘mountains’ along the entirety of the escarpment. Lions Head may be another example. The top of Old Baldy is 215 meters above the floor of Beaver Valley creating some of the most dramatic scenery, and greatest perches to be found anywhere in the province.

The most interesting part of the bluffs are the two rocky spires standing apart from the cliffs themselves that offer the greatest views. It is possible to cross a small rock bridge across to one of the towers. The bridge is maybe 1 meter wide with only a 12m drop.

Worth a day trip from anywhere within three hours.


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