Facebook. Linked In. A Blog. YouTube. What’s the right channel for your business?
What should you be talking about on this Media? How do you manage it all effectively?

facebookNavigating online social media can be tricky and overwhelming for business managers that have enough on their plate already. It can also get totally out of control and absorb budgets quickly. Social Media is probably the one aspect of online presence that has to be most carefully managed. Staff that think their posts are cute and clever may not be doing your brand any favours and may actually be hurting your marketing efforts. Proceed with caution.

Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing can be overwhelming. What’s the right channel for your business? What should you be talking about in these channels? How do you manage it all effectively?

Our philosophy of partnering with our clients provides the insight necessary for us to manage and take care of that end of the business. By developing communication strategies, we develop and manage posts based upon goals… which are then carefully managed and analyzed. We provide customized programs depending on your social media needs, including:

  • Social media account profile creation/management
  • Social media monitoring
  • Consulting and training

LinkedinOnline Presence Management. As your company grows and evolves, so too does the complexity of your online presence. There is juggling of multiple Websites, social profiles, industry directories and promotional sites, video libraries, RSS feeds, online PR, micro-sites, and sub-brand sites. It’s not only challenging to keep everything up-to-date, but coordinating efforts, analyzing performance, and ensuring consistent brand experiences and messaging can be a full-time effort.

We partner with your company to provide skills that integrate with your goals.

There are huge advantages to this new working paradigm. Managers do not have to ‘figure out’ if an internal designer needs that new piece of software. We do. We buy what we need to provide the services you need, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

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